Alexandre Fabelle
Skin Perfection

Do you suffer from spots and pimples ...?
Then do something about it right away!
Alexandre Fabelle products can cure you once and for all of spots and pimples.
Combine this with treatment by your beauty specialist and you will soon see results.

The anti-acne products :

1. Black mask
2. Drying lotion
3. Quick mask
4. Blue mask
5. Base balance orTea tree day cream
6. Balance de Nuit
7. Oily skin treatment
8. Cleansing products
9. Pigment peel liquid (if neccessary)

Special Black Mask

Special Black Mask is the mask for the effective treatment of acne. Used in the approved manner it really does make acne gradually disappear.
Special Black Mask has a sophisticated two-part action:

- The mask has a strong antiseptic action. 
- it gives the skin a serene appearance. The composition has been chosen in order to ultimately leave the skin feeling soothed.

Drying Lotion

Drying Lotion is a two-phase lotion specially developed for greasy skin and skin with inflammations.

1. The Lotion reduces the production of sebaceous matter. Regular usage makes the skin less greasy.
2. The Lotion is very antiseptic. It not only gets rid of existing inflammations, it also makes the skin less susceptible to inflammation.

Quick Mask
3 minute mask

Quick Mask gradually removes the excess epidermis. It absorbs any sebaceous matter, closes the pores and refines the pore structure. 

So shiny noses and shiny make-up will be a thing of the past. Quick Mask is the secret of beautiful, flawless skin.

Blue Mask

for sensitive, acne & couperose skin

Blue Mask soothes the skin and makes it feel less hot. The skin also becomes less sensitive and feels like normal skin again.

Blue Mask is gently massaged in and does not need to be wiped off. It contains vitamin P.P., which restores the blood vessels.

Base Balance


Base Balance is a light cream which normalises the production of sebaceous matter without drying out the skin. As greasy skin also needs moisture, the cream contains a special moisturiser for combination skin which ensures that your face looks extremely fresh, beautiful and matt throughout the day.Instruction for use :On pimples apply Special Black lotion first. As the infected area has been treated, apply Drying lotion on those places until the skin has been healed entirely. Apply Base Balance on the whole face except the infected area. Best results can be gained by applying Base Balance thinly, after treating the greasy parts with Quick Mask.

Omdat een vette huid eveneens vocht nodig heeft, bevat de crème een speciale moisturizer voor de gecombineerde huid. Deze zorgt ervoor dat het gelaat er de hele dag uiterst fris en mooi gematteerd.

Tea Tree
Day Cream for the greasy skin

This light translucent day cream has disinfecting properties because of the presence of the essential Tea Tree Oil in a natural manner. Moreover this active component works anti-inflammatoir and can therefore be used for the care of a greasy and acne skin.

Balance de Nuit
Night cream for the combination skin

Crème Balance de Nuit has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. This cream was specially developed to treat new inflammations which cannot yet be expressed. Crème Balance de Nuit brings the inflammation to the surface of the skin and thins the sebaceous gland oil. This makes it easier to express the inflammation. Once the inflammation is completely gone, apply Drying Lotion. 

Oily Skin Treatment

Oily Skin Treatment is a lotion which thoroughly cleanses deep into the pores. The product thoroughly disinfects the skin without making it dry.

Oily Skin Treatment stimulates the circulation and opens the pores, which means that spots can be more easily removed. It kills all bacteria.

Purify Lotion

This lotion tonifies and wash away the rests of the cleansing milk. This lotion tighten the skin and stimulates the blood circulation.

Purify Lotion is a pleasant lotion for the greasy skin, has a light desinfecting effect, helps preventing inflammation.

Lait demaquillant doux 250 ml with pump
sensitive cleansing milk

Lait Doux is a very gentle cleanser that does not dry your skin. This wonderfully tactile lait effortlessly removes makeup and other impurities, while the pH of the skin remains unaffected.
Lait Doux owes its special properties to Aloe Vera and natural hydrophilic oils, making it neither fat nor sticky.
Apply Lait Demaquillant Doux with rotating movements. The massage strokes can be performed immediately during cleaning. Lait Demaquillant Doux not clog pores also one need not be afraid to irritation or redness.
With moist mask sponges, heating pads or tissues cleansing milk is easily removed from the face. After cleaning use Lotion Fraiche.

 Hydra Mousse

Gel Demaquillant/ Cleansing Gel

This rich, quick-foam cleansing gel is activated by water and easily removes make-up. Its hydrophilic character means it is easy to rinse off with water.

Hydra-Mousse contains no harmful alkaline soaps and its pH value is geared to suit that of skin. Hydra-Mousse is specially suitable for combination skin types, contains Lanoline Sorbitol Hydrantoine and is 100% soap-free.

Instruction for use :
Hydra-Mousse is used with the Gentle Face Brush. The bristles of this brush are made of silk and clean deep into the pores. De tops of the silkhair have been treated in a special manner and has been cut round so that they do not irritate the skin.

Lotion Fraiche
balancing lotion

Use Lotion Fraiche straight after cleansing to remove any traces of Lait Doux and soothe your skin.

Lotion Fraiche prepares your skin for absorption of the skin care creams, which considerably increases the benefits of your daily skin care.
Lotion Fraiche softens the skin and counteracts the negative effects of mains water, which is often much too hard, thanks in part to its various flower extracts (including balm).

Gentle Pigment Peel

Profesionele peeling 50ml

Let pigment spots disappear quickly.