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Skin Perfection

De Lysing 


The Lysing, Papain is a protein splitting peeling that consists of 3 components.
1 a lotion
2 a Gel
3 a neutralizing lotion.
This is a very soft protein-splitting, enzyme, lysing in 3 steps. The Peptides cleavage is made from an Papain extract. After applying the Lotion Nr. 1 with cotton wool or the hands, directly the Gel Nr. 2 in a thick layer and apply for 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the skin type. 2 activates the operation of the Lysing. Wash off thoroughly with water after working hours. De Lotion Nr. 3 apply with cotton wool or hands. After 1 to 2 minutes rinse with water and pat dry with a tissue. Lotion Nr. 3 the operation of the Lysing ends.

Micro Peeling

Ultimate Skin Polish

Micro Peeling is a very finely divided emulsion with peeling properties. A special formula with highly purified and processed sea sand.

The result is a peeling that is so fine that it does not irritate the skin.
Micro Peeling also leaves no granules so that you can perform your massage without peeling residue.

Use very little Micro Peeling, it gives the best results.
Suitable for all skin types. Even the dry and sensitive skin (of course do not brush or rub with sensitive and dry skin for too long).
You can brush with the Micro Peeling, manually or as a kind of lysing on the skin.

Crème Exfoliante Visage


Exfoliating means: keeping the skin thin.

Healthy skin has an outer layer of dead skin cells. This horny layer protects the skin and retains moisture.
However, the horny layer must not become too thick. Sometimes the stratum corneum is too thick locally.
Exfoliante Visage offers the solution. The grains of this peeling have been chosen in such a way that the living cells of the epidermis are not damaged, but relax.

Use Exfoliante Visage in the salon for every skin, sensitive skin is better off with Micro Peeling. The Exfoliante Visage can also be allowed to dry and then scrub off. One must then take more of the substance. Exfoliante Visage works much stronger, which is not suitable for every skin.

Lavande Peeling

Essential oils Scrub

Very soft scrub peeling, this peeling makes the skin silky soft.

Best to use as a local peel, for example, chin, forehead, nose bridge or nose if there are coarse pores or thickened skin.

Botanical Peel

Organic Peel

With age, the skin loses its ability to allow the cells to divide quickly. The skin becomes thicker or thinner and becomes wider and weaker. The collage fibers become scarcer and the skin loses its elasticity.

Botanical Peel penetrates deep into the pores to allow the fibroblasts to produce new tissue, skin. Fibroblasts are cells that build up, that make new cells, and they make your skin more resilient and firmer. Botanical Peel causes these reactions without causing damage to your skin.
You will look youthful, fresh and radiant again.

What does Botanical Peel do?
Botanical Peel works actively to restore the firmness and fine structure. The treatment works actively on the surface of the skin, it removes a layer of dead skin cells invisibly. This makes your skin finer in structure (sometimes small flake is observed).
Clearly visible pores become less visible, especially in collaboration with the special products of Alexandre Fabelle.

De Nouva pelle peeling

Neve Bianca peeling

Saly Peeling

Glycolic Acids Peeling

10%, 20%, 35%, 50%; 40%

Peeling Moisturizing

Peeling moisturizing cream is a versatile cream. Suitable for a variety of skins.
Originally developed for use after heavy, nasty Peelings.
After a heavy peeling, the skin needs moisture in the first instance.
In the second phase, food and nutrients.

Peeling moisturizing cream is a hypoallergenic emulsion, which means that almost no people are hypersensitive to it. You can simply use the cream as a day cream for any skin.
* Peeling moisturizing cream is an excellent day care for skin that does not tolerate perfume.
* For older skin as a type of Serum that is then applied under normal care. Especially if you are allergic to products with perfume.
* For oily skin that needs moisture even the acne skin likes this moisturizing cream.
* Peeling moisturizing cream is very soothing. Can be used as an after-sun.

Main ingredients:

Soluble collagen 5% Moisture-retaining, moisturizing.
Polyoses Moisture-retaining, moisturizing
Allantoin Healing and soothing.

Peeling-plus Moisturizing

is suitable for sensitive, normal and dry skin

Peeling-plus Moisturizing is a moisturizing, soothing and anti-wrinkle cream, it prevents dehydration due to the presence of soluble collagen. The cream gives firmness and volume to the skin. This cream is beneficial after a peeling treatment.

Peelings Neutralizer