Alexandre Fabelle
Skin Perfection

ALEXANDRE FABELLE produces luxurious products that will pamper you and make you look years younger and more radiant, luxurious treatments that immerse your skin in oils and creamy lotions to make your skin soft and beautifully smooth. All containing luxurious ingredients and plant and caviar extracts.


Thanks to its particularly high level of technology,  Alexandre Fabelle constantly comes up with phytocosmetological innovations.

By separating the active ingredients of plants and stabilising these Alexandre Fabelle has succeeded in producing a complete range of effective skin-care products for face and body. 

ALEXANDRE FABELLE aims to keep the skin in good condition and to solve any problems that might arise.


Plants: because the human organism is completely dependent on the plant world, from which it derives all the essential substances (vitamins, proteins, lipids, amino acids, mineral salts, trace elements). Thanks to a memory in the human genes, the body fully assimilates products that are based on plant extracts, which gives an optimum result. There is a perfect harmony between the human body and plants.Neither cost nor effort is spared when it comes to the ingredients. The highest-quality exclusive raw materials and the latest technological developments are used to ensure that the products give the best results, something that is confirmed by our users.