Alexandre Fabelle
Skin Perfection

Sensitive Skin

Special Care Night Cream

for  sensitive skin

Special Care cream is a nourishing and revitalising night cream. It is creamy, rich and smooth, and has been designed especially to compensate your skin’s deficiencies and improve its resilience. Evening primrose oil caviar extract has been combined with a special essential oil complex made entirely from natural ingredients.

Special Care night cream provides your skin with the important nutrients it needs, such as vitamins and minerals. These are vital for the epidermis and the corium, essential for slowing down the moisture lost by your skin. Especially when used with Optimum day and night cream, you will notice that your skin feels less vulnerable and irritated; it feels smooth and soft again.

Botanical moisturizing day cream

for sensitive skin

This luscious light cream combines surface and in-depth properties to maintain a high level of hydration and help restore suppleness and density.
Skin is luminous all day. Skin recovers its elasticity and natural moisturizing capacities are stimulated by Betaglucan, Alexandre Fabelle Caviar and essential oils complex.

Enriched soothing night cream

for  sensitive skin and for very dry skin

A creamy emulsion that is tolerated perfectly and which gives a comfortable sensation. For the skin that needs a little extra nourishment. For the sensitive or imbalanced skin, with organic silicon and caviar extract. 

Collagen caviar mask

for  sensitive skin and dry skin

Collagen caviar mask is a concentrated, nourishing and soothing mask with collagen and caviar extracts.

This beauty booster mask improves the skin condition. 
The skin becomes silky soft with a radiant shine.
Apply the mask once or twice a week.

Neck and décolleté Cream

for all types of skin, also for the very dry skin

Neck and Décolleté cream is an intensive anti-aging treatment for the neck and décolleté area with natural moisturising and revitalising ingredients from the famous Alexandre Fabelle caviar and essential oils complex. As soon as the cream has been applied, the ingredients immediately begin their healing and stimulating effect to fight the visible signs of aging. The soothing and smoothing effect on neck and décolleté tissue restores the youthful appearance of this area. 

Beauty Oil

for all types of skin

Beauty Oil is for the very dry skin. This oil reinforces the skin and stimulates cellular renewal as the Beauty Oil contains caviar extract and essential oils complex.

A gentle softening oil that totally well absorbed by the skin.
For all skin types with dry spots.

Instructions for use::
Apply the Beauty Oil on the face after using the day or night cream.
Use only one or two drops each time, you can apply it on the fine lines around the eyes but avoid contact with the eyes.