Alexandre Fabelle
Skin Perfection

Dead Sea Soap 140 gr

A beauty treatment soap  with a cleansing effect without drying or irritating  the skin. Purifying Dead Sea Mud skin and stimulating natural minerals with a neutral pH are combined in this product. Rich in botanical extracts for softness.

Body Lotion

The Body Lotion has very soft composition and is rapidly absorbed in the skin. This Body Lotion is rich in avocado oil and allantoin, two ingredients that make the skin soft.

This Body Lotion is even very effective against sunburn, it has a cooling and healing effects, ideal after tanning, as an After Sun. One can use this lotion  against skin irritations after waxing.

Quick Body Exfoliator 250 ml

Quick Body exfoliator peels quickly and thoroughly without irritating and can also be used in the shower.

Fucus Complex 500 ml

Caolin Body Packing 500 ml

for body packing