Alexandre Fabelle
Skin Perfection

ALEXANDRE FABELLE  and the solution of rosacea problems

Rosacea Lotion 

Soothes and reduces redness on the rosacea skin.
Use this lotion when no blackheads (comedones) are present. For best results use this lotion after treatment with the rosacea mask. Shake the bottle well and spread a small amount of rosasea lotion on the most red spots. Then apply Blue mask to the red spots.

Rosacea Mask 

Soothes and reduces inflammation of the red rosacea skin.
Use this mask when no blackheads (comedones) are present. Shake the bottle well and apply a small amount from a mask bowl with a brush application. Be careful that the mask does not flow into the eyes. Leave the mask 1 minute on the skin. Then wash the mask gently and thoroughly away. If for treatment use every day for one week.

Rosacea vitamine PP stop redness cream

Rosacea Betaglucan 24 Hours Cream

Rosacea Day Cream

Rosacea Night Cream