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Skin Lift Mask Set

Skin Lift Mask is a cosmetic facelift for the face and the neck, based on vitamins in combination with pure natural Aloe Vera. The mask  tightens not only the skin during the treatment but also after the treatment. Moreover, the balanced vitamin formula provides a unique interaction with Aloe Vera. You will get visible result after the first treatment, sagging skin will be tight, your skin will regain its elasticity and its softness. Ask treatment directory.

This set includes:

Lifting Liquid
Spanning Powder
Serum Bio-actif
Gel Hydratant 

Quick Mask

3 minute mask

for combination, greasy and acne skin

Quick Mask gradually removes the excess epidermis. It absorbs any sebaceous matter, closes the pores and refines the pore structure. 

So shiny noses and shiny make-up will be a thing of the past. Quick Mask is the secret of beautiful, flawless skin.

Blue Mask
for sensitive, acne & couperose skin

Blue Mask soothes the skin and makes it feel less hot. The skin also becomes less sensitive and feels like normal skin again.

Blue Mask is gently massaged in and does not need to be wiped off. It contains vitamin P.P., which restores the blood vessels.

Hydra Mask

 for normal, dry & mature skin

Hydra-Mask is a creamy collagen-based mask. It quickly restores the moisture level of the skin. Dry patches on the face or neck become soft and smooth.
Hydra-Mask is a unique mask which is applied with a light massaging motion. It does not need to be rinsed off with water; all you need to do is pat it with a tissue. If you apply it in the evening before you go to bed, you can even leave it on all night. You will see the result in the morning: beautiful, soft, supple skin.

Fruit Acid Mask A.H.A.

for mature & acne skin

Fruitzuur masker. Dit masker absorbeert dode huidcellen, geeft een heldere tint aan de huid terug, het doet vermoeide trekken verdwijnen, maakt lijntjes minder diep, vermindert littekens van acne en maakt de huid zacht. 

 Vitamin Mask

for all skin types

Mask that is rich in Vitamin A, E, B complex.

  • cleansing and refreshing
  • ​has a nourishing and moisturizing effect
  • repairs the skin and prevents infection

Especially adolescents or people with unclean skin with pimples and blackheads benefit from this.

Active ingredients:

  • Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil = Jojoba oil: rich in vitamin E and B complex
  • Helianthus annuus seed oil: = sunflower oil is a great source of vitamin E, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and is effective in combating skin care such as acne, inflammation, general redness and skin irritation. Sunflower oil has soothing properties that ensure that the skin retains moisture. It also offers benefits such as reducing inflammation, supplementing the skin barrier.
  • GLYCINE SOY OIL = It is derived from soy amino acids and is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin E. It is often used in bath oils and soaps, as well as for skin conditioning and firming because it is a natural soothing and moisturizing cream.
  • DAUCUS CAROTA SATIVA ROOT EXTRACT = rich in carotene and vitamin C. The extract usually contains retinol, which keeps the skin soft and elastic and adds firmness.