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'Eyes tell you much'

We use our eyes to observe the wide world, but our eyes also say a lot about ourselves. Eyes give a lot away about both our internal and our external beauty.

Alexandre Fabelle has developed a new line of products aimed at perfecting your eyes and the tissue around them. These eye products are suitable, among other things, for the treatment of:

* dry eyelids

* bags under the eyes

* wrinkles around the eyes

* dark circles under the eyes.

Your beauty specialist knows the techniques for effectively treating your eyes. Ask him/her for further information.

Caviar Eye Cream

Caviar Eye Cream has been developed to protect the most mobile and sensitive parts of the face. It makes the skin smooth, and its hydrating effect is remarkable.

Caviar extract contains numerous vitamins, minerals and proteins. Its almond and essential oils have a stimulating effect. The proteins help to prevent wrinkles and the slackening of the tissue. Any existing fine lines will be visibly reduced. 

Apply in the mornings and/or the evenings to a properly cleansed skin. The creamiy cream is absorbed immediately and provides continuous protection.

Special Eye Cream

Activates the power to strengthen. Strengthens all cell functions that become weaker with age. Special eye cream ensures an increase in skin density and resilience.
Special eye cream penetrates deep and is active while you sleep. 

The active ingredients ensure that dark circles are gradually reduced.
Special eye cream can be applied over Whitening eye cream for an even better result.

Whitening Eye Cream

Whitening Eye Cream of Alexandre Fabelle has been developed with a special formula for dark rings under the eyes. This formula prevents that the melanine spread themselves under the eyes. The cream contains natural herbs extracts which diminish fine lines and it reinforces the skin around the eyes.

Younger Looking eye Cream

To provide the most luxurious eye care ever, all wonderful benefits of the Younger looking creams have been used in this eye cream. Younger looking eye cream enhances the production of dermal fibres by reducing wrinkles and skin sagging.
Younger looking eye cream skin builds resistance to aging.