Alexandre Fabelle
Skin Perfection

Lait demaquillant doux 250 ml with pump

sensitive cleansing milk

Lait Doux is a very gentle cleanser that does not dry your skin. This wonderfully tactile lait effortlessly removes makeup and other impurities, while the pH of the skin remains unaffected.
Lait Doux owes its special properties to Aloe Vera and natural hydrophilic oils, making it neither fat nor sticky.
Apply Lait Demaquillant Doux with rotating movements. The massage strokes can be performed immediately during cleaning. Lait Demaquillant Doux not clog pores also one need not be afraid to irritation or redness.
With moist mask sponges, heating pads or tissues cleansing milk is easily removed from the face. After cleaning use Lotion Fraiche.

Lotion Fraiche

balancing lotion

Use Lotion Fraiche straight after cleansing to remove any traces of Lait Doux and soothe your skin.

Lotion Fraiche prepares your skin for absorption of the skin care creams, which considerably increases the benefits of your daily skin care.
Lotion Fraiche softens the skin and counteracts the negative effects of mains water, which is often much too hard, thanks in part to its various flower extracts (including balm).


Lotion Bi-phasil

This eye cleansing treatment consists of two phases: a water phase (dark-blue) and an oil phase (light-blue). The lotion combines the benefits of a water-based eye lotion (fast and non-greasy) and the benefits of an oil-based cleanser (thorough cleansing, soothing and tissue repair).

Lotion Bi-Phasil is a cleansing treatment for waterproof mascara. It makes dry lines less visible and makes the tissue around the eyes beautifully soft. Lotion Bi-Phasil does not irritate the eyes and does not leave a film behind on the eyes.

Eye make-up Remover

This is a fast, non-greasy eye cleansing treatment, specially for young people. It removes mascara, eye pencil and eye shadow. It leaves behind a beautiful, dry skin.

Hydra Mousse
Gel Demaquillant/ Cleansing Gel

This rich, quick-foam cleansing gel is activated by water and easily removes make-up. Its hydrophilic character means it is easy to rinse off with water.

Hydra-Mousse contains no harmful alkaline soaps and its pH value is geared to suit that of skin. Hydra-Mousse is specially suitable for combination skin types, contains Lanoline Sorbitol Hydrantoine and is 100% soap-free.

Instruction for use :
Hydra-Mousse is used with the Gentle Face Brush. The bristles of this brush are made of silk and clean deep into the pores. De tops of the silkhair have been treated in a special manner and has been cut round so that they do not irritate the skin.

Gentle Face Brush

Oily Skin Treatment

Oily Skin Treatment is a lotion which thoroughly cleanses deep into the pores. The product thoroughly disinfects the skin without making it dry.
Oily Skin Treatment stimulates the circulation and opens the pores, which means that spots can be more easily removed. It kills all bacteria.