Alexandre Fabelle
Skin Perfection

A.H.A. Fruit Complex

for dry, sensitive, combination, greasy & mature skin

A.H.A. Fruit-complex is a very finely distributed emulsion which hydrates and reduces dry facial lines. Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid ensures that the skin remains nice and thin and reduces the depth of wrinkles.

This emulsion has been treated in such a way that the active ingredient is gradually (i.e. over a period of 8 hours) released into the skin (time-release). A.H.A is also suitable for sensitive skins.

A.H.A. Fruit-complex also contains ceramides naturally produced by the body. Ceramides are the building blocks of the cell wall and so are the ideal substances to provide the skin with nutrition and moisture.

A.H.A. Fruit-complex is simple to use: three to four drops are enough for the whole face. This product can be used both during the day and during the night.

A.H.A. Fruit Acid Mask
for acne & mature skin

Fruitzuur masker. Dit masker absorbeert dode huidcellen, geeft een heldere tint aan de huid terug, het doet vermoeide trekken verdwijnen, maakt lijntjes minder diep, vermindert littekens van acne en maakt de huid zacht.

Hydra Mask

for normal, dry & mature skin

Hydra-Mask is a creamy collagen-based mask. It quickly restores the moisture level of the skin. Dry patches on the face or neck become soft and smooth.
Hydra-Mask is a unique mask which is applied with a light massaging motion. It does not need to be rinsed off with water; all you need to do is pat it with a tissue. If you apply it in the evening before you go to bed, you can even leave it on all night. You will see the result in the morning: beautiful, soft, supple skin.

Hydra Perfect

This collagen cream is rich of oligo-elements from plankton and seaweed and contains 5% lyposomes.

Hydra Perfect is fine and gentle cream for a skin that needs special care. A cocktail of active working components prefents premature ageing of the skin.

Beauty Mask

for all types of skin except the very dry skin

A fine mask that gives a new strength to a tired skin. Stressed skin regains its vitality. A mask with several algae types and Retinyl. With Caviar and essential oils complex, an excellent mask with good results which ones sees immediately as soon as you have removed the mask.

Serum Bio-actif

for sensitive, normal, dry & mature skin

Serum Bio-actif is a unique serum. The serum contains a concentrate of natural origin with a powerful hydrating functioning. It contains a high quality of jojoba oil, vitamins complex among which vitamin F, linol and linoleum acid. Serum Bio-actif is a serum that will enrich any cream. It has been designed for all skin types, also for the dry and very sensitive skin. It smoothens the skin and fights wrinkles.

Instruction for use:
Use one à two drops for example together with the night cream,the serum can be applied first and the night cream afterwards, or as a mixture.

day and night cream

for normal, dry & mature skin

Fortefiance is a 24-hour cream 
with a sunscreen.
Fortefiance is a highly firming cream.
It contains Hexapeptides, also called the vegetable form of Botox, and has a strong wrinkle reducing effect.
Fortefiance contains less lipids.
Fortefiance has a preventive anti-aging effect.

Beauty Oil

for all types of skin

This product contains particularly precious oils such as evening primrose, jojoba, almond-oil and the famous Alexandre Fabelle caviar and essential oils complex. This makes it rich in vitamins A, B and E. One to two drops on dry skin areas on top of the day or night cream ensures that your skin gets the necessary active ingredients. 

Night cream for sagging skin

for normal, dry and mature skin

Nourrifiance is a night cream based on Peptides, which are plant extracts similar to Botox.
Unfortunately without the same result.
These creams can be used all the time in combination with its sister product Fortefiance day cream.
Nourrifiance is rich in Silicium, which strengthens collagen fibres, and vitamin C, which counteracts the crosslinking of collagen.
Together they have a preventive anti-aging effect.

Oxygen Ampoule

The Oxygen ampoule contains the very effective oxygen-loaded Nanoparticle System.
This system is surrounded by a phospholipid membrane that stimulates oxygen transport in the skin. This increases the moisture content of the skin and reduces the number of wrinkles.
The amount of oxygen in the skin reduces as we get older. This ampoule also contains marine extracts and superoxidodismutase and trace elements that also combat premature aging.