Alexandre Fabelle
Skin Perfection


Beauty Mask

for all types of skin except the very dry skin

A fine mask that gives a new strength to a tired skin. Stressed skin regains its vitality. A mask with several algae types and Retinyl. With Caviar and essential oils complex, an excellent mask with good results which ones sees immediately as soon as you have removed the mask.

Oxygen Mask

for normal & combination skin

Oxygen mask is a mask that activates cellular 
respiration and promotes oxygen absorption in the cells through its Nano loaded particle system.

It's a creamy mask that will not cure hard and is suitable for all skin types. Apply twice a week. The mask improves the elasticity of the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Refining Whitening Mask

for normal and combination skin

Refining & Whitening Mask is an excellent mask with an unprecedented amount of ingredients.This pore-refining mask works and makes the skin lighter and fresher.

The mask is active against pigmentation and age spots. If the mask used in conjunction with the Gentle Piigment Peel treatment, you get an excellent result.
The mask is the most optimal for a normal, combination and oily skin. Not for very dry skin. 

Collagen Caviar Mask

for  sensitive skin and dry skin

Collagen caviar mask is a concentrated, nourishing and soothing mask with collagen and caviar extracts.

This beauty booster mask improves the skin condition. 
The skin becomes silky soft with a radiant shine.
Apply the mask once or twice a week.