Alexandre Fabelle
Skin Perfection

Botolift Regard Serum

Anti-wrinkle Smoothing Serum

Eyebag reducer
Clinically tested on a panel of volunteers for 4 weeks, the study examined the smoothing, anti-wrinkle and eyebag reduction effects. The results:
Smoothing and wrinkle reduction effect for 90 % of the people treated,
86% observed a reduction in the depth of their wrinkles,
95% observed a reduction in the depth of their wrinklets,
73 % considered that the bags under their eyes had been reduced and that they looked less "tired".

Botolift Visage

Smoothing emulsion that acts on all wrinkles and more particularly the expression wrinkles that mark and weigh down the features. To visibly give the face external signs of youthfulness:

Moisturised and smooth skin – relaxed and soothed features.
Clinically tested for 4 weeks on volunteers. BOTOLIFT Visage provides objective results, that is to say results that are scientifically measurable:
A significant reduction in the depth of the wrinkles: -32%,
A visible reduction in the expression wrinkles.

Botolift Masque

An original formulation that delivers an intense treatment, soothing and smoothing out the skin thanks to its combination of anti-wrinkle and firming polypetides and a cactus extract known for its reparative and moisturising properties. To be used once or twice a week in a thick coat.