Alexandre Fabelle
Skin Perfection

Aqua Stim - Facial Tonic

Aqua Stim Tonic Spray provides intensive hydration and restoration of damaged and tired skin. Hydrolyzed soy proteins prevent premature aging of the skin, stimulate cell metabolism, and increase the skin's water-holding ability. Hydrolyzed wheat proteins have a long moisturizing effect, forming the thinnest breathable film on the skin, thus restoring the microrelief of the skin and maintaining its moisture. The tonic has a lifting effect and contributes to the radiance of the skin.

Active ingredients: hydrolyzed soy proteins, hydrolyzed wheat proteins.

Application: for toning and restoring pH. In home care for daily use.

Brume d'emulsion

Serum "Air Emulsion" - restoring the "anti-stress" serum in the form of a spray. The complex of natural vegetable oils intensively nourishes and regenerates damaged skin, relieves redness and irritation. Siberian pine seed oil, due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids (especially oleic and linoleic) and vitamin E, strengthens the tone, improves skin elasticity, relieves irritation, has antioxidant, anti-aging and immune-correcting effects. The liquid nacre which is a part of serum is rich in mineral salts, oligoelements, amino acids, peptides, and also calcium and magnesium, thanks to a combination of these elements, the liquid nacre regulates skin homeostasis, tones it and removes irritation. Also, these components contribute to the strengthening of tissues, stimulate cellular activity, regulate cell metabolism, contribute to the regeneration and strengthening of skin tone.

Active ingredients: liquid nacre, Siberian pine seed oil, cocoa butter, tocopherol linoleate.

Application: apply to the entire face before massage or mask . In home care for daily use.

Emulsion Nourrissante

The gentle nourishing emulsion "Marine Energy +" is designed to increase elasticity, strengthen tone, restore "tired" and aging skin. A complex of natural vegetable oils rich in vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids nourishes and softens, restores thin, damaged, stressed skin. Euglena green unicellular algae is a chronobiological energetic and stimulates the mobilization of calcium and ATP synthesis, improves cellular metabolism, provides regeneration and activity in cells, erases traces of fatigue, increases elasticity and elasticity. Liquid mother of pearl contains mineral salts, oligoelements, amino acids, peptides, regulates homeostasis, has a stimulating effect on metabolic processes in skin cells. Ginger extract activates blood circulation, restores immunity, has an antimicrobial effect and provides antioxidant protection, gives the skin radiance and freshness.

Active ingredients: plum oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed oil, hydrolyzed euglena green extract, liquid mother of pearl, ginger extract.

Application: in professional care alone as a means of massage. In home care for daily use.