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Gommage essentiel verveine

Gommage Essentiel Verveine with verbena essential oil is intended for deep cleansing of the skin and preparation for the subsequent application of cosmetics. The “sliding” peeling texture allows not only exfoliation, but also body massage. Crushed apricot kernels perfectly clean and eliminate the upper layers of the epidermis, stimulate regeneration, giving softness and elasticity, significantly increasing skin turgor. Verbena oil protects against premature aging, improves skin tone, has an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect.

Active ingredients: verbena essential oil, apricot kernel extract.

Application: peeling massage.


  • To amplify the effect of Formule A+B and then become your well-being ritual all year long. A slimming, soothing and revitalizing formulation .
  • To reduce the subcutaneous fat layer. It has firming, tonic properties. Saturates the skin with mineral salts, oligoelements and vitamins. Guarana extract contains caffeine, theobromine and theophylline which accelerate metabolic processes, especially lipid. Mate extract softens and soothes the skin, stimulates the metabolism, has a tonic effect. Coffee has an effective healing effect on the skin: it activates fat and water metabolism, softens and protects the epidermal layer. Fucus vesicle extract promotes lymphatic drainage, saturates tissues with oxygen, trace elements and vitamins, enhances lipolysis, and improves skin and vascular tone. Lemon juice has a clarifying effect (reduces age spots and prevents the appearance of new ones), relieves swelling of tissues, stimulates cell renewal and strengthens the skin. Phospholipids belong to the group of membrane lipids - they protect and restore the skin. Adenosine triphosphate is a universal battery and energy carrier. Due to the antiseptic and bactericidal properties of lemon juice in the cream formula, the concentration of preservatives is reduced.

Active ingredients: algae extract, guarana seed extract, mate extract, coffee extract, ATP, phospholipids.

Application: to be used at least once a day with upward mowards movements of thighs and legs and circular movements on hips and abdomen. Can be applied on arms. 

Lait pour le corps

Light moisturizing milk, increases the effectiveness of restorative products applied to the skin during the procedure. Natural avocado oil rich in triglycerides with unsaturated fatty acids - restores the epidermal barrier, facilitates the transepiderman transfer of biologically active substances, and also softens the skin, making it silky and soft. The oil has high antioxidant and regenerative properties. The high content of moisturizing components gives elasticity to the skin, ensures the normal course of metabolic processes.

Active ingredients: avocado oil, amino acids, vitamins A, E, sugar.

Application: in professional care at the end of body skin care procedures. In home care for daily use. To soften the skin after depilation. 
Also recommended after exposure to the sun.

Tonic Silhouette

The cleansing and moisturizing toner “Silhouette” is used before corrective procedures on the body, promotes more active penetration of cosmetics - it soothes, stimulates, deodorizes, normalizes oily skin. Extracts of cornflower and witch hazel have antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory effects - relieve swelling, pastiness, regulate the sebaceous glands. Vitamins E, F prevent aging of the skin, promote regeneration. Niacinomide deeply moisturizes the skin, tones, evens out color, refreshes.

Active ingredients: cornflower extract, witch hazel extract, vitamins E, F, niacinomide.

Application: in professional skin cleansing before procedures to reduce the severity of subcutaneous fat. As a cleanser before depilation. In home care for cleansing and toning the skin.

Formule A+B

The highly concentrated Formula A + B solution rejuvenates and effectively eliminates the phenomenon of cellulite. Caffeine, contained in guarana, transforms triglycerides into free fatty acids, which are removed from adipocytes into the bloodstream (activation of lipolysis). Ivy extract improves drainage. Fucus promotes detoxification and the removal of metabolic products. Concentrate Formula “A + B” models the contours of the face and body, strengthens breast tissue (stretch marks, scars), reduces body fat, significantly improves skin texture, provides long-term hydration, nutrition, restores turgor after a sharp change in weight, normalizes lymph and blood circulation stops the progression of cellulite. Especially recommended for use in poor condition of blood vessels.

Active ingredients: guarana extract, ivy extract, fucus.

Application: in professional care, apply the concentrate to the prepared skin before massage or wrapping, aimed at losing weight and drainage effect. Part of the "Anti-cellulite complex",  to rub in there where you need it.